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Paranet Remote Live Assistance

Thank you for calling Paranet, there's just a few more steps and you'll be back to work in no time!


Paranet Remote Live Assistance

With our live remote-assistance tool, a member of our support team can view your desktop, and share control of your mouse and keyboard. There is no need to worry, however - during the screen-sharing session, you will have full, overriding control of both your mouse and your keyboard, as well as the ability to end the session at any time.

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How It Works

Step 1

Enter your email address, company name and unique connection code that your support representative provided to you in the form to the left.

Step 2

Click the 'Click Here' button and when prompted, download the small, virus-free plug-in.

Step 3

With your permission, your support representative can view your screen, and share control of your mouse and keyboard.