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Maximize the Investment, Minimize the Risk

With Paranet, you never have to waste time explaining your business to our team, because we’ve been there and done that.

"Paranet is a key partner because they are so knowledgable. They can work with the seller’s IT staff to uncover the potential risks in their environment..."

James Lines, Thoma Bravo

Our team of 100 carefully selected technology professionals average 10+ years of experience per engineer across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including network infrastructure, cloud strategies, security, mobility, asset management, due diligence and disaster recovery.



How can Paranet Help?


Our expert IT Due Diligence analysis will not necessarily kill an acquisition if it finds IT shortcomings, but the output allows better decisions by rating the target company from a technological standpoint. Often, the analysis will generate a to-do list, not unlike a home inspection does with the purchase of a new house, or it generates a suggested adjustment to the purchase price. An expert analysis provides, in essence, the best estimate of the additional investment needed to make the company competitive and scalable. IT due diligence exemplifies the old adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”


Paranet’s structured process assesses the capability, scalability and stability of a target company’s IT infrastructure. It also valuates the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the IT department.


Our team of IT experts can help smooth the transition as companies come together, eliminating redundancies and helping facilitate the economies of scale. 


Paranet can help fully assess the costs, risks and other potential hang-ups of a proposed merger, whether in finance, management, infrastructure or operations. Integration issues can range from software compliance to regulatory concerns. 


Effective collaboration between IT and business is critical during a carve-out. During divestiture or while companies are being separated, Paranet can help sort out the IT implications, prioritizing applications and data to be separated and determining IT restrictions and implications for functional areas.

James Lines, Senior Operating Partner, THOMA BRAVO

“When Paranet works on a project with us, it’s to identify exactly what’s needed such as software, hardware, network capacity, phone infrastructure, security, etc. It’s a complete discovery process. Everything they find factors into our financial model, our offer price, the timelines, the TSA. We get a holistic view of what it’ll take for the company to operate independently.”

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Learn how our program and methodology for yielding accurate results, maximizes our clients’ investment and minimizes the IT risk associated with mergers and acquisitions.

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