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Private Equity IT Services

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When flipping a business investment, the fewer the problems, the better. However, it is easy to miss IT and cyber security issues if you don't know what to look for. That is where we come in. Here at Paranet, we are experts in risk management. We specialize in identifying potential challenges and architecting plans for addressing these risks, all while providing insight about the impact on your bottom line.

Private Equity IT Services

M&A Pre-Close Activities

We provide comprehensive evaluations of the company's current technology, provide strategic IT direction, and recommend goal-oriented processes that will help you achieve success.

post-close transitional work

Whether you need minor adjustments made to the current infrastructure, or need to rebuild the IT from the ground up, we can help you finish the job on-time and within budget.

on-going Support

Your new portfolio company will need IT support, and we are here to help. With solutions designed to fit your needs, we are committed to providing you with truly exceptional service.

We understand the importance of being 100% accurate.

While no one can promise true 100% accuracy, we understand the importance of getting as close to perfection as possible. When performing due diligence, risk assessments, and initial evaluations, we first take an in-depth look at the company in question, and then we check and re-check our work. Finally, our quality control team, lead by a senior analyst, reviews the work to ensure that nothing has been missed, misinterpreted, or unexplored.

We have the capacity to meet aggressive deadlines.

We understand that you may be working against a deadline, a deadline, that if missed, could affect investment funds. As a national company with clients across the country, we have the capacity to meet even the most aggressive deadlines. When you need it done, and done now, we are the company that will deliver.

We have the experience necessary to navigate change.

Our team of carefully-selected, technology professionals have an average of over 10 years of experience across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including network infrastructure, cloud strategies, cyber security, mobility, asset management, IT consulting, and disaster recovery. We have worked with a wide variety of businesses, including those in the travel and leisure, hospitality, e-commerce, energy and utilities, nonprofit, healthcare, real estate, and professional and financial services industries.

M&A Capabilities

We can help you throughout the entire M&A process; from fully assessing the costs, risks, and other potential hang-ups, to designing and implementing the M&A transition.

M&A Pre-Close Activities
Acquisition Support
Merger Support
Carve-Out Support
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“When Paranet works on a project with us, it’s to identify exactly what’s needed such as software, hardware, network capacity, phone infrastructure, security, etc. It’s a complete discovery process. Everything they find factors into our financial model, our offer price, the timelines, the TSA. We get a holistic view of what it’ll take for the company to operate independently.”

James Lines, Senior Operating Partner, THOMA BRAVO

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