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Paranet provides full end-to-end security solutions and services for healthcare entities to help them meet HIPAA compliance using security standards and specific implementations outlined in the Security Rule.



Who Must Be HIPAA Compliant?


Any healthcare organization that stores, processes, or transmits personal health information is considered a covered entity and is required to adhere to the Privacy and Security Rules of the HIPAA.

  • Covered healthcare providers (hospitals, clinics, regional health services, individual medical practitioners) that conduct certain transactions in electronic form.
  • Healthcare clearinghouses (entities that help healthcare providers and health plans standardize their information.
  • Health plans (insurers, HMOs, Medicaid, Medicare prescription drug card sponsors, flexible spending accounts, public health authority, and employers, schools or universities that collect, store or transmit PHI to enroll employees or students in health plans).
  • Business associates of above health related entities (including private sector vendors and third-party administrators).

What are the consequences of non-compliance?

Covered entities that fail to voluntarily comply with HIPAA compliance standards may be subject to civil money penalties. Penalties will vary significantly depending on factors such as the date of the violation, whether the covered entity knew or should have known about the failure to comply, or whether the covered entity’s failure to comply was due to willful neglect. Penalties range from $100 to $50,000 or more per violation.

In addition, certain violations of the standards may be subject to criminal prosecution. A person who knowingly obtains or discloses individually identifiable health information in violation of the standards may face a criminal penalty of up to $50,000 and up to one-year imprisonment.

The criminal penalties increase to $100,000 and up to five years imprisonment if the wrongful conduct involves false pretenses, and to $250,000+ and 10 years of imprisonment if the wrongful conduct involves the intent to sell, transfer, or use identifiable health information for commercial advantage, personal gain, or malicious harm. The Department of Justice is responsible for criminal prosecutions under the Privacy Rule.


How Paranet can help!

Paranet provides full end-to-end security solutions and services for healthcare entities to help them meet HIPAA compliance using security standards and specific implementations outlined in the Security Rule.

Paranet utilizes a security risk intelligence solution that proactively supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting, and mitigation.In the context of the HIPAA, Paranet helps covered entities to;

  • Detect ePHI data in their environment.
  • Get top-down visibility of risk to their assets and business operations, enabling them to organize and prioritize thousands of assets and quickly focus on the items that pose the greatest risk.
  • Get a clear map of the real risk posed to their ePHI by the identified vulnerabilities across the healthcare organization’s IT landscape. Paranet’s toolsets include real exploit and malware intelligence combined with CVSS base scores, temporal scoring, environmental considerations (e.g., any mitigating controls in place), and asset criticality for risk classification.
  • Take inventory of systems, services, and installed applications using the latest fingerprinting technologies.
  • Detect the presence of unauthorized software on organizational information systems and notify designated organizational officials through alerts on an automated mechanism.
  • Perform comprehensive unified vulnerability scanning of all vital systems including networks, operating systems, web applications, databases, enterprise applications, and custom applications.
  • Generate easy-to-use detailed reports combined with role-based access controls to allow organizations to share information easily.
  • Compare the results of vulnerability scans over time to determine trends in information system vulnerabilities through an automated mechanism.

Paranet’s Solution for HIPAA Compliance

Paranet's consulting team has painstakingly developed a comprehensive HIPAA Risk Assessment Methodology that goes into detail about the Security Rule requirements/standards, required (R) or addressable (A) implementation specifications, and clearly outlined how Paranet Consulting Services help covered entities become or remain HIPAA compliant.

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