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Loss of Data and System Downtime Can
Threaten Your Business’s Survival

However, a well-designed disaster recovery plan ensures your data is safe and business resumes as usual should a catastrophe strike. Because disaster recovery thresholds vary dramatically from business to business, Paranet partners with industry leader Rubrik to offer comprehensive solutions that put enterprise-grade disaster recovery as a service in the hands of all its customers.

Our as-a-service offerings combines backup with instant recovery, replication, data analysis, search, archives and compliance in a single secure environment from data center to cloud.



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Top Pain Points with Business Continuity Today:

  • Lengthy RTOs/RPOs for data loss, disaster and ransomware. Recovery takes hours to days. Lengthy RPOs for off-site recovery.
  • Daily management complexity requires a few hours per day.
  • Lack of scalability. Legacy backup not designed as scale-out architecture and requires forklift upgrades.
  • Expensive. Backup software and storage licenses, hardware for backup software, proxy servers, backup storage (capacity overhead for inefficient data management).

Backup, Disaster Recovery and Archival is complex. Paranet’s Cloud Data Management Services changes all that.

Paranet’s Data Management Services provides turnkey, cloud-based solutions that are simple to plan, simple to order, and even simpler to operate. With our ”as-a-service” model, we provide an integrated suite of tools powered by Rubrik that extends a full-featured, end-to-end backup, archival & disaster recovery solution, from practically anywhere to practically anywhere. Flexibility and simplicity at it’s finest.

Near-Zero Recovery Times
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Immutability for Ransomeware
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50% Hard Savings
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