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Cyber Security

We specialize in identifying and destroying threats to your IT environment.

In Cyber Security, Experience Counts.

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly targeted, and you need to know which threats are designed to devastate your business.

Already monitoring and protecting more than 1,800 networks, we have stopped over one billion attacks, including ones targeting companies like yours. We perform enterprise-grade security assessments and employ best-in-class tools to defend your business.

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1.4 Million

Viruses Blocked

146 Million

Files Analyzed

10+ Years

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Cyber attacks can be devastating to an organization, and a fully comprehensive cyber security strategy is the most effective way of protecting yourself. 

Our Offerings

Creating a comprehensive cyber security strategy that defends your data from all potential breach points is critical to the well-being of your business. Our offerings are designed to fortify all potentially vulnerable areas so that your data will remain safe.

User Security

  • Policies & Procedures Audit
  • Desktop Application Vulnerability Scan
  • Whole Disk Encryption Audit
  • Social Engineering Campaign (Remote or Onsite)




Physical Security

  • Physical Security Audit
  • Video & Surveillance Audit
  • Social Engineering Campaign (Remote and Onsite)





Wireless Networks

  • Wireless Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Brute Force Password Hacking of Wireless Encryption
  • Wireless Network Basic Exploitation Testing
  • Wireless Network Advanced Penetration Testing



Application Security

  • Server OS Vulnerability Scan
  • Database Vulnerability Scan
  • Web Server Vulnerability Scan
  • Application Basic Exploitation Testing
  • Web Application Basic Exploitation Testing
  • Application Advanced Penetration Testing
  • Web Application Advanced Penetration Testing

Network Security

  • PC & Laptop Vulnerability Scans
  • Server Application Vulnerability Scans
  • IDS/IPS Check & Configuration Audit
  • Spam & Firewall Check & Configuration Audit
  • Web Filter Check & Configuration Audit
  • Public IP & Basic Exploitation Testing
  • Public IP & Advanced Exploitation Testing


  • Basic Vulnerability Report
  • Remediation Recommendations for Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability Prioritization Report by Risk Level
  • Penetration Testing Results & Recommendations
  • Social Engineering Campaign Results & Recommendations 



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