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Who owns the World's Largest Data Centers? [Infographic]

Did you know that Google and Microsoft spent a combined $3.4 Billion dollars on infrastructure last quarter? How about the name of the company that owns the largest data center by square feet? You'll also be pleasantly surprised to know a data center can use as much power as a small town just so we can keep Facebooking. (Insert Sad emoticon) What makes this even worse is that a 7 year old data center is pretty much obsolete and needs to be taken out to pasture (read gutted, recycled, and replaced). While I expected cloud providers like Microsoft to have a significant amount of data center space I was a little caught off guard about the providers of colocation and IT outsourcing services like Teremark making the list. This infographic had some surprising information on the size and scope of Microsoft, Amazon, and Google's data center footprints so read on and enjoy the show. 

World’s Largest Data CentersThe World’s Largest Data Centers Infographic Papaki
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