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Paranet Backup as a Service



Backing up critical enterprise data securely involves costly cumbersome and difficult-to-manage tasks that can disrupt production environments. On top of that, businesses continue to multiply the volume of incoming data as regulations tighten. More and more customers are asking us to take care of it all, for less. Not only do we offer reliability, security and availability, but you’ll also experience rapid RPOs and RTOs compared to tape, and with added de-duplication and compression for efficiency. 

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How it works?

Our secure and efficient Backup as a Service (BaaS) is powered by Rubrik, which enables data management compliance and automating processes. Our BaaS offering is an end-to-end, cloud-based solution, utilizing hybrid technologies to deliver nextgeneration data security and compliance while offering unparalleled data restore performance. Deliver near-zero RTO and instant recovery testing by mounting VMs directly onto Rubrik – no rehydration or additional storage provisioning is necessary. Take application-consistent snapshots for your business critical applications.




Complete flexibility so you can scale up or down.

Cost Efficient

Reduce the cost of backing up and restoring data.

Peace of Mind

Daily offsite backup and access to our experts, 24x7.


ISO27001 certified data centers guarantee data protection. End-to end encryption to protect against Ransomware.

Enterprise-class Technology

High performance and availability assured. Achieve near instant

Service Reviews

Regular tests to ensure a high quality service with optional full managed backup services by Paranet.

Native Immutability to Fight Ransomware

Recover from ransomware with no data loss with immutable backups and archives built into the platform. Resume business within minutes of an attack. Instantly search and recover files to any point-in-time, on-premises or in the cloud. No ransom, no downtime.

From the ground up, data protection was designed into the platform. Rubrik secures all data with end-to-end military grade encryption from creation to expiration, regardless of location. This keeps all your historical archived data is secure and compliant anywhere it resides.



Let us use our decades of industry experience and expertly trained team to solve your most challenging IT issues starting the second you pick up the phone for a free consultation.

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