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Managed IT Services and Cyber Security Solutions

Here at Paranet, we empower businesses with exceptional IT solutions, allowing them to improve security, reduce risk, increase uptime, and achieve greater operational value.

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Outsourced IT With an In-House Feel

You want IT support that’s quick, responsive, and always available.

We are committed to providing you with truly exceptional service. When you call us, you can be guaranteed that our Paranet service desk will answer — not someone outside of the country. Partnered with local vendors across the nation, we promise that if you need onsite support, you'll have it. Our solutions are designed to fit your needs, and supporting you is our first priority.

What Makes Paranet a World-Class IT and Cyber Security Company?

We believe that your managed service provider should be a part of your team. As such, we are committed to understanding your goals and challenges so that we can build solutions that enable your success. We aren’t just any IT team. We’re your IT team.

  • We pick up the phone day or night, weekday or weekend, ordinary day or holiday.
  • We utilize the finest technology and tools available to protect and provide you with best-in-class service.
  • We had a 100% retention rate in 2018, and 99.48% in 2019 - well above the 90.6% industry average of 2018.

“When Paranet works on a project with us, it’s to identify exactly what’s needed such as software, hardware, network capacity, phone infrastructure, security, etc. It’s a complete discovery process. Everything they find factors into our financial model, our offer price, the timelines, the TSA. We get a holistic view of what it’ll take for the company to operate independently.”

James Lines, Senior Operating Partner, THOMA BRAVO

Our Esteemed Clients

In our 3 decades of business, we have had the honor of working with some incredible teams to design, build, and support their IT and cyber security environments.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect
Managed IT/Cyber Security Partner

Finding the right partner can be difficult without a little help. If you’re struggling to make a decision, or want to learn more about us, please reach out by clicking below. Whether or not you end up partnering with us, let us arm you with the knowledge you need to feel satisfied with your decision.

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