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- Steve Mintz, Director of Digital and Direct Marketing, Great Wolf Resorts

For the travel and hospitality industries, competition has increased dramatically. This has led to the need for reduced operating expenses and keeping systems and services streamlined, efficient, and highly-personalized in order to retain a positive consumer experience. Gathering important information such as demographics, market research, and destination management is crucial, but there must be a system in place that can take all of this information to help travel and hospitality businesses develop a product and market branding strategy.

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Segments We Serve

Systems must be in place that can react to new metrics and data quickly while properly managing the business for maximum profitability for the travel and hospitality industries. Be assured that when you speak with our engineers you won't have to waste time explaining your business before getting to a solution.


Travel Services and Websites

Travel services and websites need up-to-the-second information and updates. At the same time, this information must be disseminated and presented according to the service or website business rules and consumer-entered criteria. Managing an efficient flow of this information along with multitudes of customer profiles is critical in order for travel services and travel websites to survive.


Hotel Chains and Resorts

Hotel chains and resorts must also maintain important customer profile records as well as properly manage each booking and stay so that the customer experience is pleasurable while keeping adequate profits.  Systems must be able to provide the ability to develop programs and plans that maximize profits while keeping the hotel services efficient and attractive.



Restaurants have the challenge of turning a profit in a highly competitive environment while keeping customer satisfaction ratings high. From procurement to stock room inventory to food preparation and service, the restaurant must operate efficiently and keep costs down.


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