Social CRM

Automatically monitor and engage customers wherever people gather online

socialCRM-1In an always-connected modern environment, it’s critical that enterprises are dialed into social media channels 24/7 for insights and connection to customers. Even more important, companies must have the ability to make sense of the billions of pieces of content produced each day.

Paranet partners with best-in-class providers of Social CRM solutions, including Infor, 8th Bridge, and Visible Technologies, that enable companies to automatically monitor and engage customers wherever people gather online. Whether it’s on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, or myriad blogs, companies should be listening and responding in real time. The tools apply sophisticated analysis and rules that organize the thousands of conversations and automatically route relevant content for quick engagement and response.

During customer interactions, the technology taps into consumers’ social profiles for real-time data, allowing you to deliver just the right response. Beyond that, the new tools give marketers access to predictive and emotive social data for businesses to time campaigns and better analyze purchasing and preference behaviors. Other tools make it possible for customers to shop where they socialize  on Facebook or other platforms  and to socialize where they shop.

On the user end, the white noise of multiple channels from the social web can be reduced to a single, convenient dashboard where only actionable information matters and businesses can easily measure the true value of their investment and efforts in social marketing.

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