Unify your business communications

Business communications have come a long way since a live operator ran the company switchboard. The dedicated electronic PBX replaced the operator, followed by Interactive Voice Reponse (IVR) systems and fax machines. Then email, laptops, pagers, smartphones and tablets came along - each of which requires its own separate hardware, vendor and support staff. That's an expensive proposition. 

Business communications should be simpler than that.

With Paranet, you can unify your business communications - all of them - in a single cloud-based solution.  

Unified Communications is complex. SimpleVoice changes all that.

Paranet delivers its SimpleVoice services as an integrated package, but we know that your company's communication needs are as individual as its products. Simply choose the options that best meet your needs, and we'll deploy them as a seamless, integrated solution. 



Do more than just replace your old phone system. Paranet offers four SimplePBX options:

  • Basic Cloud PBX: Take the phone system out of your datacenter and into our cloud, and avoid maintaining and refreshing your phone system every few years.
  • Advanced Cloud PBX: In addition to all of the features of our cloud-based phone system, you’ll receive the rich user and call flow management features made possible by the Zultys appliance backend.
  • Managed PBX: This includes every­thing you get from our Advanced Cloud phone system, but installed on your site. And we’ll still do the heavy lifting, 24/7, so you don’t have to.
  • Managed PBX CapX: If you prefer to purchase the equipment, you’ll get lower monthly fees – and you’ll still get our expertise to maintain it all.



SimpleVideo delivers fast, encrypted, high-quality video and audio conferencing, anywhere, on practically any device. As your business grows, your solution can grow with you. Whether you need to secure your faxes with industry-strength encryption, or you just want to get rid of your fax machine altogether, SimpleFax has an option to meet your needs.



For many businesses, fax continues to be an important medium for delivering official documents and application forms. Faxes are heavily used in industries like healthcare, insurance, banking and real estate.

SimpleFax secures your fax transmissions to meet regulatory compliance – or replaces those paper fax machines altogether with electronic faxes.

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