Simple Sync

Don't trust sharing your company's data with just anyone's cloud

You've got lots of sensitive data scattered across your network, your servers and your applications. And you've got lots of users who need to get at it from wherever they happen to be - in the office, at home or on the road.

All those different data sources, devices and users present a pretty problem for your IT department. How can you access, sync and share all that data with those who need it yet maintain total control over it?

More and more companies are looking to cloud-based file sharing. But it's your company's data... why would you store it in someone else's cloud?

It's your data. Store it in your cloud.

Stop worrying about employees sending sensitive files via email or using a free file sharing service. SimpleSync allows your users to access their files and data on any device, at any time and from anywhere so they can get their job done.

SimpleSync is an enterprise-class file sync-and-share software that's installed on your own servers. That means your data and files stay put - they're not pushed up to some cloud provider's servers.



SimpleSync provides universal file accessing, sharing and syncing through a single front-end to:

  • All your backend systems
  • All your managed desktops and devices
  • All your end users and their devices

SimpleSync integrates with your existing infrastructure, so your security and compliance measures remain intact. That means your IT team can manage user access and security the same way it does today. SimpleSync seamlessly integrates with Paranet's suite of managed IT and back-up/recovery services, as well as many of your existing systems, including security management, Active Directory and back-up systems.

When it's time to access your data, users can choose from many platforms, including Microsoft Sharepoint, Windows Server network drives, Linux file systems, external arrays and more. Contact us using the information below to learn more about how your company can benefit from SimpleSync.

Get 25 GB of free space | SimpleSync

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