Cloud disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery in the palm of your hand

Your business is always on. It has to be. Your staff, your customers and their customers are mobile, working from anywhere, at anytime. So when can you afford a “disaster”?

Restoring your network, systems, applications, even your desktop and laptop computers – rapidly and without loss of data – is critical for resuming normal operations. With traditional backup equipment, disaster recovery can be time-consuming and resource-intesive. 

At Paranet, we believe disaster recovery should be simpler than that. 

Disaster Recovery is complex. SimpleDR changes all that. 

Paranet's SimpleDR is a turnkey, cloud-based disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS) solution that's simple to plan, simple to order, and even simpler to operate. With SimpleDR, we provide an integrated suite of tools that lets you manage a full-featured, end-to-end disaster recovery solution, from practically anywhere and with any web-enabled device. It’s DRaaS in the palm of your hand.


Pick up where you left off

With SimpleDR, we give you the resilience your company needs, by providing data protection and recovery, failover and business continuity – regardless of the size or duration of the disruption. Key features include: 

  • Simple Web Control Interface: With SimpleDR’s integrated web interface, you’ve got full control in the palm of your hand. Monitor, protect and recover your office from anywhere, using your smartphone, your laptop or any web-enabled device
  • Instant Server Failover: Seamlessly failover a server to its cloud backup with just a click – including its network configuration.
  • Full Office Failover in the Cloud: Even more powerful, the web interface allows failing your entire infrastructure into the cloud in minutes, allowing your employees and your customers to continue working as though nothing happened.
  • Warm-site Disaster Recovery: Continue running your office in the cloud until your hardware is upgraded or replaced, at your convenience.
  • Disaster Recovery: In the event of a physical site failure, we’ll deliver a new, fully replicated appliance next day – while your infrastructure continues running in the cloud.
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