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Technology that improves service

"With Paranet’s help, we’ve developed significantly as a company. Our capabilities have evolved, and now we’re excited to be looking forward to what’s next."


- John Jamison, IT Assurance Senior Manager, TravisWolff 


The success of a professional services company by definition depends on providing exceptional client services. The right technology should be a driver of that service. You need instant and reliable access to key data, impenetrable protection of sensitive client information, and infrastructure that improves service levels.

Key Challenges

Technology-based business issues can arise in multi-core business areas such as claims administration or billing, which can include the loss of valuable data. These pitfalls can cause the company to face significant losses, both financially and in consumer confidence. Some of the key challenges companies face include:

Legacy Technology

The advancement of technology makes the mainframe architecture quickly obsolete and challenging to update. An in-house IT staff doesn’t always have the various proficiencies needed to update existing systems.

Heavy Regulation

The current regulatory environment adds layers of work that decrease margins. In order to remain leaders in their industry, professional services companies must find alternative, cost-effect ways to remain compliant and profitable.

Going Digital

Document management and accurate reporting are vital elements in professional services. Outsourcing IT can offer you cloud-based solutions to ensure that everything is running smoothly, is easily accessible, and is securely backed up.

How We Can Help

Our professionals will thoroughly assess your current IT assets, including all software, hardware, and infrastructure components, as well as peripherals. Our core services include modernization of IT infrastructure, 24-hour maintenance and support, and application optimization. 


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