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Too often, good ideas die of old age. Our Envisioning process prevents that. Want to compress six months of work into two days? Envisioning, which is about achieving organizational alignment prior to committing resources to an IT initiative, can do that.
Envisioning will help you:
  • Refine your company's core business strategy
  • Align existing and planned technology spending with your broader corporate strategy
  • Assist your team in getting the most out of previous expenditures for software, resources, and infrastructure
  • Substantially reduce risk
  • Improve “go-live” cycle times by as much as 30 percent and reduce cost and defects by up to 20 percent
During Envisioning sessions, our skilled facilitation team guides your participants through a structured decision-making process. We provide the physical environment, tools, information, and expertise to ensure a speedy and pragmatic resolution to complex issues. Participants emerge from Envisioning events with executable plans and a commitment from all key executive sponsors. There is no such thing as a parking lot of issues or a “plan to plan” at an Envisioning session. Decisions are made, and implementation begins before the session wraps up. Period. End of story.
Paranet Compass


Need to navigate your technology/business future? Are you looking for a specific roadmap, an architecture that will guide you to our business goals? Use our Compass™ methodology.

Today's organization must move through the transformation process at an accelerated pace. Unfortunately, traditional methods yield traditional timeframes. That's why we developed our proven and proprietary Compass™ methodology, a model for managing information technology to meet business objectives — an  investment in standardization and efficiency that is paying off for our customers. More than 1,000 companies have employed Compass™ to organize IT deployments, solve service delivery problems, and optimize processes.

Compass™ will evolve your technology processes:

  1. Environment is unpredictable and poorly controlled
  2. Some tasks are mastered and become repeatable
  3. Processes are defined and fairly well understood
  4. Processes are measured, controlled, and well-managed
  5. Optimization is reached: focus is now on continuous process improvement, as IT is strategically involved in the business

With Compass™, you get a world-class facilitation team, a proprietary decision-making process, efficient session work flow, global best practices, and industry and subject matter experts – all of which combine to drive dramatic results in a fraction of the time normally required to address complex business issues and opportunities. The result is a practical, multi-year technology road map with supporting ROI and TCO estimates. Compass™ is built on the accumulated experience of thousands of Paranet deployments, along with industry-proven concepts such as Total Quality Management, the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model, and the Project Management Institute's body of knowledge.

Project Management Institute | Paranet

Project Management Institute

By combining our Compass™ methodology and the PMI Method for project management, we are able to reduce deployment times, add efficiency to processes, and get clients on the road to success faster. The Project Management Institute, the organization of choice for project management professionals, establishes standards and provides seminars, educational programs, and professional certifications for project leaders. When Envisioning, Compass™ and our PMI process are combined, you can be assured of the most direct roadmap and implementation of IT initiatives. No two projects are exactly the same. No two clients are exactly the same. Envisioning, Compass™, and our PMI Method take these differences into account, adding clarity, efficiency, and speed.

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