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Reduce the risk associated with a potential merger or acquisition

ParaVerify IT™ - Reducing Acquisition Risk

ITduedillegence-1Reducing acquisition risk through better IT Due Diligence

In today’s highly regulated business environment, it’s harder than ever to get a clear and comprehensive view of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and the risk associated with a potential merger or acquisition. A key contributor to this acquisition risk is overlooking IT infrastructure and security issues. This oversight often leads to unanticipated IT investment and possible regulatory or software compliance issues.


Types of IT Due Diligence

Paranet Solutions has been delivering IT assessment services for companies going through a merger or acquisition for almost two decades. The result of that experience and expertise is ParaVerify IT™ a comprehensive solution designed to help companies understand the cost and risk involved within the IT organization of a prospective acquisition.

The IT Due Diligence Process

To ensure that every ParaVerify IT™ engagement maximizes our clients’ investment and yields accurate results, Paranet has developed a proven approach based on our proprietary Compass Methodology™ that examines all strata of the IT infrastructure, including:

  • Examination of inventories, diagrams, standards, and technical implementations
  • Evaluation of all applications and databases, including business criticality and supportability
  • Assessment of IT service delivery and service support functions
  • IT organizational structure and support of critical business processes

Paranet will map the company’s IT strengths, weaknesses, and hidden deficiencies to acquisition priorities. The results allow clients to better understand the current state of the target IT organization. They also provide a roadmap for prioritizing possible future IT investment requirements that may affect valuations.


IT Due Diligence Risk Analysis

As a complement to the IT assessment, Paranet also provides a comprehensive evaluation of threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts. We utilize a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) approach to risk analysis by understanding the following:

  • What are the critical information assets (data)?
  • Where do these assets reside (systems)?
  • How are they protected?

By assigning value to data, Paranet is able to quantify risk. Additionally, we will create a Compliance Dashboard that captures the compliance status of the IT organization for applicable regulatory requirements such as SOX, HIPPA, SAS-70, and more.


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