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ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Association

The ICCA is an international not-for-profit trade association that provides professional development opportunities and business support programs for computer consultants. The ICCA was formed with three basic purposes.

  • To promote professionalism within the industry
  • To make the business community aware of the products and services available from independent consultants
  • To provide group type benefits to members.

Members of the ICCA - Independent Computer Consultants Association are computer and software experts who have practical experience with the industry's rapidly changing technology. They use, recommend and install the latest products, and help corporations and individuals utilize the capabilities of the technology they own.

As independent consultants, ICCA members objectively support the best computer or software solutions in all areas of the computer industry, from hardware design to systems integration to employee training. Most have 10 or more years of experience in the computer field and are full-time computer consultants who own their own businesses.

ICCA's Mission Statement: ICCA's mission is to support the success of independent computer consultants in providing professional services to their clients. Through chapters, educational conferences and programs, government and vendor relations activities, publications, and electronic forums, ICCA members encourage high standards of performance in the industry, increase understanding of computer resources within the client community, and enhance recognition of the computer consulting profession as a valuable and important resource for today's computer dependent society.

Paranet is a member of the Dallas / Ft. Worth Chapter of the ICCA Computer Consultants Association.