Healthcare has unique technology needs

"Paranet was the obvious choice, because they had extensive experience in implementing scalable infrastructures in the healthcare industry."


- David Andrews, Chief Compliance Officer & SVP, Business Development, Hospice Compassus 


The healthcare industry is faced with some unique challenges. National standards for electronic healthcare systems and HIPAA add to the complexity of running a business in today's economy. With new technologies and ever-changing standards, it can be hard to make educated decisions regarding upgrades, legacy systems, and compliance.


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Segments We Serve

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Medical Practices

Medical practices have the extremely important task of caring for their patients. But medical practices are also businesses and must have proper business practices in order to stay open and available. Keeping the patients healthy is the top concern, but running a profitable business must happen as well.



Hospitals, like all businesses, must operate more efficiently. The healthcare industry must juggle quality care and service at lower costs while complying with strict regulatory and insurance agency demands. Information systems and upgrades alone are costly, challenging you to balance between quality and budget.



Like other medical practices, hospices have multiple priorities that are inherent in the healthcare industry. While caring for patients with the goal of restoring health, there are still business and financial goals to be met.


Surgical Centers

Faster turnover times and a lack of government funding for commercial surgery centers can lead to investment payback periods in excess of 10 years. Careful planning is required for investments in technology systems and software to survive and thrive. 



With the recent healthcare reforms enacted by Congress, more Americans are focused on stretching their healthcare dollars. As healthcare becomes more patient-centric, consumers are demanding better and more effective treatments at a lower cost. 


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