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"The most important part of a managed services company is how it reacts when systems are down. We rely on Paranet to keep our systems working every day. But in the rare instance where our systems are down, they often know before I do and are always there with us step-by-step until the problems are resolved."            
                                       - Jamie Keaveny, CIO, Texakoma Operating, LP

With the energy and utility industries, there are unique challenges as well as common challenges that all industries face. The challenges like the restructuring of the electricity markets can have a positive impact on natural gas providers but will require a higher degree of integration with electricity providers.

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Finding the right solutions for specific industries can be a challenge. But through the use of partners such as Infosys, the oil, gas, and utility industries can compete and win. Be assured that when you speak with our engineers, you won't have to waste time explaining your business before getting to a solution.


Natural Gas

Natural gas is an important part of electric utility generation and is a preferred energy source for new electric power generation. Because the electric and natural gas industries utilize a network design in order to coordinate how and when energy sources are distributed and transmitted, there is a great deal of complexity to manage the interconnected energy sources.


Oil Refiners

Oil refiners will continue to see a continued decline in the use of residual fuel oil used for electricity production due to the volatility of the cost. However, there are other opportunities for petroleum refiners to capitalize on the “leftover” residual fuel and petroleum coke. Electricity generators may be interested in acquiring petroleum coke as a fuel blending component. Also, some petroleum refiners could expand into other countries through electricity production.  



Utilities face a growing challenge as deregulation has spurred even greater competitive markets. From the use of smart meters to leveraging multiple energy resources, utilities need the software and systems in place to keep operating costs low and productivity high. Many legacy management systems are not equipped to provide the adaptability and integration needed to stay competitive.

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