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We solve complex business problems with our solutions

Customers have more information, choices, and power than ever before. Market-leaders know that survival depends on Customer Relationship Management (CRM) being at the center of their marketing, sales, and service strategies. If they don't get CRM, they can't win.

Paranet is a leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions to companies all over the world. Specializing in operational and analytical CRM, we solve complex business problems with our solutions.


Social CRM


Today, it's critical that enterprises are dialed into social media channels 24/7 for insights and connection to customers, and that companies have the ability to make sense of the billions of pieces of content produced each day. Paranet can help you implement a social CRM strategy. Learn More





Marketing Automation is the technology which enables organizations to analyze, plan, design, execute and measure marketing campaigns powered by insight into customer behavior. Accurate targeting of customers for inbound or outbound marketing campaigns and the ability to measure campaign success is key to aquiring and retaining customers in today's markets. Learn More



Sales Force Automation


Successful delivery of a Sales Force Automation (SFA) solution should only be measured by increased revenue results and higher-levels of profitability. This can only be achieved through user adoption of the SFA solution by your sales force and Paranet can help. Learn More



Contact Center


In today's world, never has the phrase "the customer is king" rang so true. The delivery of excellent customer service is often the key to marketplace differentiation or continued survival. Monitoring, managing and optimizing your contact center can be the key to better business performance. Learn More



Business Intelligence

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Data, Big Data, about your customers, products and partners  are you using it to build a competitive advantage in your industry? Business intelligence which delivers a greater degree of analysis into your organization  and its customers  than previously imagined. Learn More

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