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callcenter-1Abundant choices of products, goods, and channels have created a truly commoditized marketplace. For companies unable to compete on price, location, or product uniqueness, the delivery of excellent customer service is often the key to marketplace differentiation or continued survival.

Market leaders know that excellent customer service cannot be delivered without best-of-breed CRM technology. And, for this reason, Paranet partners with CRM market leaders Infor CRM Epiphany and Microsoft to offer an array of call center and customer service solutions suitable for any enterprise or budget.

But buying best-of-breed CRM technology is not enough to deliver World Class customer service through your call centers. Successful CRM requires:

  • Continual executive sponsorship
  • Careful, upfront definition of business processes and objectives
  • Early definition of data quality and data management techniques
  • Application usability to foster end-user adoption needs to be front-and-center

This is why you need a partner with proven experience deploying CRM technologies and enabling business processes. Paranet is that partner. We enjoy a rich history of delivering customer service and call center solutions for some of the world's leading companies.

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