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The flexible advantages of fractional IT outsourcing

Paranet delivers comprehensive managed IT services as an integrated package. However, not all clients need that level of service. Therefore, we leverage our national data center infrastructure and skilled technical team to offer you the same services and skills with the flexible advantages of Fractional IT Outsourcing, allowing you to create your own service plan and select the level of IT outsourcing that fits your needs.

Regardless of the configuration of your service package, we deliver the same specialized expertise and advanced technology, including:

  • Computing network infrastructure
  • Server and storage solutions
  • Data backup, recovery, and continuity
  • Computing infrastructure design, architecture, and implementation
  • Colocation services
  • Procurement 

Common Challenges Computing Management Services Can Solve:

You would like your company to focus on strategic initiatives and utilize their core competencies, undistracted.

When you outsource with Paranet, you will no longer drain resources trying to isolate, identify and solve Information Technology challenges. We will employ our skilled professionals in the service of your organization so that you can focus on your core business.


You need to upgrade or migrate network devices. However you lack the time, the familiarity or the personnel to manage the necessary transition, training and support.

Paranet can deliver the peace of mind you need during this transition period. We are well aware that upgrades or migrations occur infrequently. However, we handle them every day. We will provide an interim operations management system to facilitate the technology transition, train your IT staff and transition control back to you.


You want to maintain control of your IT system, but need some services and support to complement what your own IT staff can provide.

Fractional Outsourcing from Paranet is intentionally designed to deliver incomparable flexibility, choice and control. You choose the services you need and designate the length of time for the engagement. We work with you to configure the right level of Fractional Outsourcing to meet your business needs. If your requirements change, you are free to adjust the scope of services as needed.


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