The top 3 benefits of Automated Patch Management for IT

Posted by Brad Todd

Aug 7, 2012 8:13:00 AM

Benefits of Patch ManagementPatch management is a fact of life for companies that deal with the exchange and storage of data and other information. Information security is always a top priority and there are always new ways of addressing the concerns clients, administrators and executives have about the safety of their most valuable data. Without a concrete and reliable patch management policy, a company's valuable data is at risk of being compromised or stolen due to malicious attacks and exploits from outside sources.

The one thing most administrators dread is performing manual patch management, since it’s a slow and tedious process that is often rife with errors and mistakes that could easily create vulnerabilities within the infrastructure. Automated patch management represents a net positive for the overall productivity of IT employees, since administrators can focus less on assembling and rolling out security patches in place a greater focus on other concerns.

There are three excellent benefits of deploying automated patch management. Automated patch management helps increase IT employee productivity by:

Patch Mangement Saves Time

Reducing the amount of time required to analyze, prepare, test and deploy critical software and hardware patches. Administrators often work nights and weekends to prepare and test critical security patches, not to mention the amount of time it takes to deploy said patches. Automated patch management software helps simplify and expedite these essential aspects of the patch management process.

Reduces rework from mistakes

Reducing the number of mistakes that are often introduced into the environment via the manual patching process. Manual patching processes that rely on human eyes are often rife with errors that are easily overlooked by IT employees. Automated patch management software provides a second set of eyes that can catch existing mistakes and prevent new ones from being introduced into the environment.

Improves the Security of Endpoints

Inoculating software and hardware against malicious attacks that could severely compromise the integrity of the network infrastructure. It takes extraordinary amounts of time and effort to locate and patch vulnerabilities that could easily facilitate malicious attacks. Patching software and hardware through the automated patching process ensures that these vulnerabilities are taking care of, preventing future attacks from malware and other vectors.

The automated patching process, facilitated by software specifically developed for this purpose, helps increase productivity in IT employees tasked with this essential aspect of information security. With these tools at their disposal, administrators can perform their duties with fewer delays and reduced complications stemming from extenuating circumstances which could occur during the patching process.


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