Two ways a VMware customer can use the Public Cloud

Posted by Quinn Devery

Apr 5, 2012 11:03:00 AM

VMware Private Cloud“To the cloud!” is the catch phrase Microsoft Marketing coined in their 2011 advertising blitz. While I don’t’ know if that campaign yielded any results for Microsoft I do know Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular as more people become familiar with the idea of working with web based applications and mobile devices

Catalysts for the Cloud movement include telecommuting, on demand access to data and applications, and the conversion of large capital Technology expenses to more manageable operating expenses. However, in order to reap the benefits of the “Cloud”, there are a number of steps that need to take place. The foundation for all cloud conversations is Virtualization, and one of the leaders in this space is VMware.

VMware provides two ways to leverage the public cloud computing. Building your own hybrid cloud infrastructure using vCloud Director and building a secure connection to existing public VMware clouds you’re your VMware Virtualized environment using vCloud Connector.

Connecting the Public Cloud to your Private Cloud (Hybrid Cloud)

To convert your existing infrastructure setup to a vmware private cloud, or IT as a Service (IaaS) based infrastructure, you should leverage VMware’s free vCloud Architectural Kit. This kit contains documents and other vital information that helps IT Departments understand how to implement the necessary changes, as well as the benefits. From here you will need to decide if you want to go the journey alone or work with one of VMware’s Cloud consulting partners, Like Paranet Cloud Services, to build your private cloud.

You’ll go through these Five Stages on your Journey to the Cloud

  • Assess – Identify and align IT goals to business needs
  • Plan – Plan and design the solution
  • Build – Pilot, test, evaluate, and implement
  • Manage – Managed your new Cloud (IaaS) environment

VMware Public Cloud and vCloud Connector 

If you have already virtualized your IT infrastructure but don’t want to devlop your own Cloud (IaaS), you can still leverage the Public Cloud for bursting and Disaster Recovery. To do this you’ll need to upgrade vSphere 5, after that you can implement the VMware vCloud Connector and setup a secure connection to one of VMware’s 18 Public Cloud partners. This software allows you to leverage the public cloud computing resources for spikes in production resources or as a failover site in the case of a Disaster. You will need to contract with the Hosting provider on two items, actual usage costs and the cost for them to hold copies of your Virtual Machines (VMs) while they are not in use. Once you’ve setup the VM Cloud Connector, you’ll be able to lavage the massive amounts of cheap computing power available in the market on demand with a little planning.

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