Benefits of having an IT Due Diligence Checklist

Posted by Michael Pollak

Feb 8, 2012 9:46:00 AM

IT Due Diligence ChecklistWhy the IT due diligence checklist?  Because today's markets have many IT specialists moving toward the unification of IT due diligence with business processes.

An accountant needs a end of year checklist to receive accurate reviews of the end of season balances.  IT over-site needs a template, too. Use a similar checklist and ensure no regulation, compliance, software, infrastructure or security issues are missed. Merging this process with other business operations, can actually ease the complications of the process.

The Mysterious Importance Of Checklists

The necessity of IT due diligence is expanded when the company is undergoing a merger or acquisition process. To use the same thorough approach an accountant would use, IT directors streamline tasks by integrating them with normal business processes. You can also review the "prospective" company to identify issues that might make this acquisition less than valuable because of costly compliance or improvement issues.

A Good IT Due Diligence Checklist should have

  • A Solid Checklist Structure
  • Map all areas of the Company's IT 
  • Analyze Security and Risk Factors

Your IT due diligence checklist should include an holistic approach. This can be done by closely scrutinizing all strata of the IT infrastructure. When speaking of unifying business procedures with IT due diligence, we mean discovering the natural overlapping between work done by your businesses financial, legal and operational analysts.

IT directors can engage in an assessment evaluation process that analyzes risk and provides valuable information. You can validate TCO and give your company the ability to make better decisions.  Use this identical procedure to discover any post-acquisition IT compliance costs that may have been hidden.

Free IT Due Diligence Checklist

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