Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your data safe and your systems functioning with true resiliency

These days, a disaster doesn't have to be a major storm, an earthquake, a floor or a fire. With our growing reliance on IT systems and data, a disaster could just as easily be a cyber attack or a sudden power loss. Restoring your network, your systems and your applications rapidly and without loss of data is critical for resuming normal operations. For that, you need a comprehensive plan in place and a team able to execute it on a moment's notice.

At Paranet, we know that business continuity is more than just backing up data or failing over to an alternative site. It's building resiliency into your IT solutions from the beginning so your systems and data can fall back and return to their previous state, as though nothing happened.

It doesn't matter if the disaster is big or small. If you can't pick up right where you left off, it isn't a true recovery.

How We Can Help

Paranet's Business Continuity services, you'll have rapid disaster recovery from outages due to:


Natural Disasters


Foreign or Domestic Attacks


Hackers and Malware


Any Unforeseen Disruption or Outage

At Paranet, we test and recommend only best-in-class backup and disaster recovery software and appliances, then use these solutions to back up your data and systems. We leverage our nationwide data center infrastructure, too. If disaster strikes in one location, your company's operations can resume from another.

Paranet offers end-to-end backup and disaster recovery solutions featuring the following enterprise-class software and appliances:

eVault Cloud Disaster Recovery Service and Storage Appliances evault_logo_p_highres EVault is recognized as an industry leader in disaster recovery. With SLA options from 1 to 48 hours and an outage hotline avalable 24/7/365, you can run your business in the cloud until your physical site is back in business.
VMware Site Recovery Manager VMW_09Q4_LGO_PARTNER_SOLUTION_PROVIDER_ENT VMware Disaster Recovery solutions ensure rapid and reliable recovery with fully automated processes. Center Site Recovery Manager automates the entire process.
Axcient Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service Axcient-logo

Axcient delivers a new type of cloud platform that eliminates data loss, keeps applications up and running, and makes sure that IT infrastructures never go down.

SimpliVity Hyperconvergence simplivity_logo A hyper-converged infrastructure and data architecture addresses data efficiency and global management of virtualized and cloud computing environments.

When you need it, our recovery service is available 24/7/365. in short, our Backup and Disaster Recovery servivces can provide the resilience your company needs.

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